HD Forum Italia Conference 2016

October 6th-7th Media Center San Pio X, Città del Vaticano

HD Forum Italia Conference - October 6th

“Passing through: communication and technology beyond frontiers” is the topic of the annual HD Forum Italia Conference organized in partnership with the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See. Passing through is the concept that links past and future, by taking into account a decade of evolution involving technological and market scenarios, comparison with international bodies and institutions, creation of working groups of supranational profiles, the realization of the HD Book collection that gathers the Italian specifications for broadband and broadcast television. The HD Forum Italia event will attract leading representatives of the world’s technological communities – focusing on models of production and on latest scientific and technical solutions in the field of broadcasting and reception of the television signal. The Conference will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the HDFI Association, offering important topics of discussion, starting from the experience of the Vatican Television Center in the field.

SMPTE Seminar - October 7th

SMPTE will organize its 8th edition of the Italian Section Seminar on emerging standards (such as HDR, WCG and HFR) at the heart of the growing progress of Ultra HD TV – in the frame of the HD Forum Italia Conference. Established in 1916, SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) - a professional membership association – is the preeminent leader in the advancement of the art, science and craft of the image, sound and metadata ecosystem, worldwide. While HD Forum Italia is celebrating its decade, SMPTE is celebrating its Centennial: a unique opportunity to celebrate the achievements of both Associations and to discuss about the projects of the near future especially concerning the high definition imaging in UHD – the standards of which were attentively assisted in the international domain by SMPTE, with the contribution of HD Forum Italia.

Programme 2016

  • 6 October
  • 7 October

“Passing through: communication and technology beyond frontiers”

  • 11.00
    Demo area opening
  • 11.00 - 12.30
    Guests' registration - Welcome coffee
  • 12.30 - 13.30
    Buffet lunch
  • 14.00-14.15
    Conference opening: Mons. Dario Edoardo Viganò, Prefect Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See and Benito Manlio Mari, President HD Forum Italia
    Projection: “Behind the Scenes: Opening of the Holy Door”
    Moderator: Mons. Dario Edoardo Viganò, Prefect Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See
    Passing through: “The centrality of the Message sustained by technological innovations”
    • Benito Manlio Mari, President HD Forum Italia
    • Bob Seidel, President SMPTE
    • Stefano D’Agostini, Director CTV - Centro Televisivo Vaticano
    • Stefano Rebechi, CEO DBW Communication
    Moderator: Raffaele Barberio, Director Key4Biz
    1st Part - Passing through: “Ten years with HD Forum Italia”
    • Benito Manlio Mari, Sebastiano Trigila, Luigi Rocchi, Marco Pellegrinato
    2nd Part - Passing through: “Passing through: ten years of international partnerships towards the future”
    • Leonardo Chiariglione, Founder MPEG Group
    • Klauss Illgner, Chairman HbbTV Association
    • Barbara Lange, Executive Director SMPTE United States
    • Thierry Fautier, President Ultra HD Forum
  • 16.15-16.30
    Coffee Break
    Moderator: Emilio Carelli, Editorialist
    Passing through: “The UHD point of view from the operators perspective” - 1st Part
    • Valerio Zingarelli, CTO Rai
    • Eugenio Pettazzi, CTO Mediaset Premium
    • Massimo Bertolotti, Director Innovation & Multimedia Distribution Sky Italia
    • Emanule Valli, Director General AASS San Marino
    • Sean Durkin, Engineer, Media Engineering & Partnerships Netflix
    Passing through: “The UHD point of view, from the operators perspective” - 2nd Part
    • Franco Siddi, President Confindustria Radio Televisioni
    • Yvonne BertalotSenior Sales Manager Europe MX1
    • Luca Balestreri,  Executive Board Member Tivù
    • Renato Farina, CEO Eutelsat Italia
    Moderator: Mario Frullone, Director of Research FUB - Fondazione Ugo Bordoni
    Passing through: “Technologies and Standards, how to manage the future”
    • Peter Sykes, Strategic Technlogy Development Manager, Sony Europe
    • Nicola Micali, LG
    • Vlaho Kostov, Executive Engineer Panasonic Europe
    • Pat Griffis, Technology Vice President, Office of the CTO Dolby Laboratories
    • Francesco Leveque, AVD. Marketing Director Samsung
    Authority AGCOM
    Passing through: “The Autority vision from European prospective”
    • Antonio Preto, AGCOM Commissioner
  • 18.45
    Closing and final regards, Benito Manlio Mari

8th SMPTE Emerging Technology Seminar “The great transition: one century of international standards”

  • 9.00
    registration and demo area open
  • 9.30
    SMPTE seminar opening and welcome message
    Benito Manlio Mari, HD Forum Italia President
    Alfredo Bartelletti, SMPTE Italian Section Chairman
    Barbara Lange, SMPTE HQ Executive Director
  • 9.45
    Franco Visintin, SMPTE Italian Section Emeritus President
    As moderator he introduces the lectures about the 3 pillar topics:
    The latest UltraHDTV Standards: Production, Packaging, Distribution
  • 9.55
    Production: UHDTV Production Standards: SDI vs. IP - Bruce Devlin
    Production: Editing & Mastering UHDTV: Studio Lossless or near Lossless Compression - Bruce Devlin
  • 10.45
    Packaging: IMF: Interchange Media Format, the Cinema and Multimedia bridge - Sean Durkin
  • 11.10
    Coffee Break
  • 11.20
    Packaging: Essence & Metadata in UHDTV: Storaging and Color Conversions - Lars Borg
  • 11.45
    Distribution: High Efficiency compression Codecs - Hans Hoffmann
  • 12.10
    Distribution: Quality contest: HDR + HFR + WCG + Enhanced Audio - Pat Griffis
  • 12.35
    Question time
  • 12.50
    Conclusions Franco Visintin, SMPTE Italian Section Emeritus President
    Alfredo Bartelletti, SMPTE Italian Section Chairman
    Barbara Lange, SMPTE HQ Executive Director



For additional information please contact Promospace – Segreteria Organizzativa HD Forum Conference 2016. Tel. +39 0444 54 31 33 info@hdforumconference.com

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