2016 Conference: technological innovation for the emotions

A numerous, well-informed audience flocked to the San Pio X Media Center for the conference “Transitions: communication and technology across borders”, put on by the HD Forum Italia association, under the auspices of the partnership signed with the Holy See’s Secretariat for Communications. Internationally-renowned experts on the audiovisual scene came to explore the issues around high image quality

Technological innovation applied to television produces emotions. That is why the international technology community which met up at the HD Forum 2016 Conference acknowledged just how much research does for innovation in the audiovisual sector. The main focus in the Ultra HD debate centred around High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG). These two parameters greatly improve the quality perceived by the viewer by increasing the range of colours used and the distance between blacks and whites.

This technological improvement has helped to ensure that television screens can reproduce the huge variety of colours in the real spectrum, coming closer to matching the human eye’s capacity to discern resolution. This of course gave centre stage to user emotions using tools and applications all the way along the audiovisual supply chain, using all of the platforms available: digital terrestrial, satellite and web.

The process of continuous evolution turns the spotlight on the role of standardization bodies and other organizations, such as HD Forum Italia, which aim to involve all of the various players in the supply chain in order to achieve harmonization and sharing each time an innovation is introduced.

For Benito Manlio Mari, President of HDFI, the conference was “a great opportunity to debate and explore how best to support the audiovisual sector over the coming years, in Italy, in Europe and in the rest of the world. Rather an ambitious objective, but one made feasible by the great alliances which HDFI is fielding as it celebrates its tenth anniversary. At the Vatican - continued Mari - we have had the opportunity to witness a historic media transformation process, and giving a contribution of our own in the form of advanced technology and international experience.”

Meanwhile, Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò, Prefect of the SPC (Secretariat for Communications) and Conference host, said that “Our recently approved constitution underlines the need to keep up with technological changes so as to provide the best support possible for the Holy See’s media. We are in the process of implementing the reform outlined by Pope Francis. That is why we regard it as crucial to develop the special relationship we have created with the HD Forum Italia association through the strategic partnership which we signed in recent months.”

The event was held in collaboration with the Vatican Television Centre, and with a contribution from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers(SMPTE), which took centre stage on Conference day two. We received vital support from our sponsors: EutelsatMX1tivùArchimediaLGMediasetNagraVesitSamsungSonyFincons Group and Vislink.


SMPTE Centennial presentation: Moving Image
by Barbara Lange  Download PDF

Next Generation Entertainment: More, Faster, Better, Smarter and Perceptually Quantized Pixels
by Patrick Griffis  Download PDF

Dynamic Metadata
by Lars Borg  Download PDF

UHDTV Production Standards: SDI vs IP
by Hans Hoffmann  Download PDF

Interoperable Master Format: The Cinema and Multimedia bridge
by Sean Durkin  Download PDF

High Efficiency Compression Codecs
by Bruce Devlin  Download PDF

Editing & Mastering UHDTV: Studio Lossless or NearLossless Compression
by Bruce Devlin  Download PDF

Event photos

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