‘Passing through: communication and technology beyond frontiers’, - The event to be held on 6 and 7 October in the Vatican is approaching

The event celebrates the tenth anniversary of HD Forum Italia Association.

Just a few days to go to Passing through: communication and technology beyond frontiers’, the HD Forum Italia (HDFI) 2016 conference that celebrates the association’s 10th anniversary. The event, organised in partnership with the Secretariat for Communication (SPC) of the Holy See, will take place on 6-7 October at the ‘San Pio X’ Media Center, in Via della Conciliazione 5. To participate, online registration is recommended through our website www.hdforumitalia.org where conference program details are available .  

 The welcome and opening address by mons. Dario Edoardo Viganò – prefect of the SPC – and Benito Manlio Mari – president of HDFI – will be followed by the presentation of ‘Behind the Scenes’, the Ultra HD/HDR  reportage video giving a backstage view of the opening ceremony of the Jubilee of Mercy which will be presented in a new version, with the application of the HDR curves indicated in the recent technical recommendations issued by ITU.

The next item will focus on the Association’s first ten years with a round table discussion led by the vice-presidents, Sebastiano Trigila, Marco Pellegrinato and Luigi Rocchi. Speakers for this session relating to the years marked by international collaborations, include: Barbara Lange, Executive Director ofSMPTE - United States; Leonardo Chiariglione, founder of the MPEG Group; Klauss Illgner, Chairman of the HbbTV Association; Thierry Fautier, President of Ultra HD Forum; Stefano D'Agostini, Director of the Vatican Television Center.

Next on the agenda will be a discussion on the TV of the future, above all in light of the growing progress being made in Ultra HD. On the stage: Massimo Bertolotti, Director of Innovation & Multimedia Distribution for Sky Italia; Sean Durkin, Engineer, Media Engineering & Partnerships Netflix; Eugenio Pettazzi, CTO Mediaset Premium; Emanule Valli, Director General AASS San Marino.  

The following will be present to enrich the discussion : Franco Siddi, President of Confindustria Radio Televisioni; Yvonne Bertalot, Senior Sales Manager Europe MX1; Luca Balestrieri, Executive Board Member of Tivù; Renato Farina, CEO of Eutelsat Italia. 

The moderators will be Emilio Carelli, editorialist, Raffaele Barberio, Director of Key4biz, and Mario Frullone, Director of Research - Fondazione Ugo Bordoni.

Stefano D’Agostini, Director of the Vatican Television Center, appointed honorary member of HD Forum Italia.

HD Forum Italia (HDFI) announces that Stefano D’Agostini, Director of the Vatican Television Center (CTV), has been appointed honorary member of the Association, in recognition of his ongoing commitment to innovation with a particular focus on the high technical quality of televised images. His role as head of the Holy See national broadcaster is as intense as it is concrete, and it is through this activity that we can trace the progress made by the entire department over the last few decades. The appointment, endorsed  unanimously by HDFI’s Executive Council, also underscores the attention that D’Agostini has always dedicated to the value of cooperation, above all on the occasion of historical events marked by the use of Ultra High Definition.

Stefano D’Agostini, Director of CTV, stated: “I am honoured to become part of HD Forum Italia. In its 10 years of activity the Association has always strived to involve the entire audiovisual supply chain through international discussion forums. This approach, moreover, promotes a kind of longstanding relationship between a group of friends and leading professionals united by the idea of placing innovation at the service of a well-defined purpose, while overcoming the boundaries of current technology at each single step.” 

 Benito Manlio Mari, President of HDFI, commented: “With the appointment of Stefano D’Agostini, the Association is enriched by the remarkable professionalism of a man with a verve for initiative and technological research, which will enable us to pursue projects in the area of audiovisual production. He will be an excellent resource that, with his innovative ideas, will encourage the exploration of new techniques to activate the convergence of languages used in multimedia communication.”

Announcing the publication of HD Book 4.0, a document that ratifies the adoption of HbbTV for interactive TV receiver equipment in Italy

HD Forum Italia (HDFI) announces the publication of release 4.0 of HD Book, a series of documents that set out the technical specifications for television receiver equipment manufacturers on the Italian market. HD Book 4.0 ratifies the adoption of HbbTV version 2.0.1 technology, based on HTML5, as a single standard for interactive TV services provided by broadcasters on Smart TV and set-top-boxes.

The first terminals featuring the new technology, which is not only an open standard, but also shared at European level and integrated with Web language, are expected to arrive on the market in the course of 2017. HbbTV will thus replace the MHP standard, which was introduced into Italy from 2004 onwards for making the apps that enable users to view interactive television in non-linear mode.   

Publication of HD Book 4.0 is the result of work done by the Joint Technical Group (JTG), a body formed within the HD Forum Italia Association specifically to produce the HD Book series in conjunction other international standardization bodies, and representatives of the audiovisual industry and supply chain. Support was provided by an ad-hoc subgroup, known as the HbbTV Working Group, created jointly with the HbbTV Association through a memorandum of understanding. An intense journey, once again accomplished in partnership with Confindustria Radio Televisioni (CRTV).

Franco Siddi, Chairman of Confindustria Radio Televisioni, declared: “We are delighted to be working with HD Forum Italia and in particular on the publication of HD Book 4.0. The project sets out to align the Italian industry and market with the rest of Europe, in a sector – that of interactive television services – which is expected to show excellent growth in the years to come, and to be a strategic development factor for the whole national economy.”

For Benito Manlio Mari, President of HD Forum Italia, “HD Book 4.0 is an essential piece in the quest for technical specifications and rules that can be shared across national boundaries. This is the goal of HD Forum Italia which, ever since its inception in 2006, has been committed to the harmonious development of the television system. Now we can’t wait to begin promoting implementation of the initial services so as to create new growth opportunities for the Italian and European markets.”

HD Book 4.0 can be downloaded from the HD Forum Italia website at the following link: www.hdforumitalia.org/index.php/it/documenti/25-hd-book-dtt-40

HD Forum Italia enrolls as Associate Member to Ultra HD Forum

HD Forum Italia is proud to announce that, following informal cooperation started as early as November 2015 and confirmation of interests to interact in a more organised way,  an Associate Membership Application has been sent to Ultra HD Forum. A more than enthusiastic reply has been immediately received from Thierry Fautier, the chairman of Ultra HD Forum, expressing his intention to announce HD Forum Italia application in a meeting with Ultra HD Forum members present at IBC, Amsterdam.  Benito Manlio Mari, president of HD Forum Italia, will be invited to participate.

Mr Fautier commented: “We are glad about HD Forum Italia  joining Ultra HD Forum, as we know the extremely valuable work carried out by them for promotion and advancement of HD and UHD technologies in a major marketplace as Italy. I am honored to connect this initiative, with their forthcoming 10th anniversary of operations”. 

Mr Mari expressed “the interest of HD Forum Italia in cooperating with Ultra HD Forum, by bringing in all the experience developed in the last years”. “The Italian marketplace “, continued Mr Mari, “is particularly challenging because it welcomes several global players related to audiovisual technology and thus requires harmonization of global technical solutions in the spirit of preliminary cooperation in voluntary standardization for more efficient competition, and in the interest of the Italian citizens, that must be offered the best user experience, at an affordable and reliable innovation pace”.

May 12: presentation of the Annual HDFI conference “Transitions: communication and technology across borders”, Rome, 6-7 October

The event announced during the press conference is being held in partnership with the Holy See’s Secretariat for Communications. It will celebrate HDFI’s 10th anniversary, with a contribution from SMPTE, the international association of Motion Picture & Television Engineers, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, with a workshop dedicated to emerging standards for Ultra HD TV production.

Download press release • View the report

IBC 2016: the Vatican broadcasts first ever worldwide Ultra HD/HDR satellite transmission

Acclaim by the international technological community for the initiative of the Secretariat for Communication conducted by CTV in collaboration with Eutelsat, DBW Communication, Globecast and Sony 

Great interest was shown at the IBC 2016 in progress in Amsterdam, in the presentation of the case history on the first ever live worldwide Ultra HD/HDR transmission of the ceremony of the opening of the Holy Door in the Vatican on 8 December 2015.

In the prestigious setting of the session on technological conferences held during the IBC, Cristiano Benzi from Eutelsat delineated the operational details of the initiative promoted by the Secretariat for Communication and conducted by the Vatican Television Center in collaboration with a pool of companies consisting of Eutelsat, Globecast, DBW Communication and Sony.

In the foreground the technical capability displayed in transmitting of an event that, among other things, enabled the successful testing of HDR production and transmission, in despite the fact that at the time the international standard had not yet been ratified. The ability to overcome the issues related to availability on the market of products necessary to shoot and broadcast live in Ultra HD was also underscored.

To relive the experience the attendees were presented with a brief excerpt from ‘Behind-the-scenes’, an experimental report filmed in Ultra HD-4K/HDR and produced by the Vatican institutions together with HD Forum Italia, an audiovisual industry association. The film revolves around the backstage activities surrounding the ceremony held last December with the inclusion of images filmed in the past using different technologies.


The new HDFI logo

It’s out with the old and in with the new for HD Forum Italia (HDFI) which today launches a campaign to revamp its corporate image, beginning with the logo which will now contain the words Ultra HD, reflecting the challenges created by the TV of the future. This is underlined by the payoff “Beyond Definition” as well as by the visual element at the bottom of the logo: a multicolored brushstroke symbolizing the dawn of a new era, a reminder of such specific technical horizons as chromatic dynamism. 

This enables HDFI to reaffirm the centrality of high image quality: this is an issue capable of going “beyond definition”, beyond a mere increase in the number of pixels, opening the door onto a whole series of technical solutions whose aim is to match the human eye’s capacity to discern resolution. These include improvements to black/white dynamic range, increases in the number of frames per second and the extension of the colour space: all of these are parameters that can make the visual experience even more compelling and exciting.

‘Passing through’: registration is now open for HD Forum Italia’s 2016 Conference promoted together with the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See

Registration is now open for ‘Passing though: communication and technology beyond frontiers’, the traditional annual conference  of HD Forum Italia (HDFI) Association, this year jointly promoted by the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See and the Association. The event, part of the strategic partnership entered into by the two parties, will take place on 6 and 7 October at the Media Center ‘San Pio X’, a Vatican structure at via della Conciliazione 5, Rome. 

The new Television will be the underlying theme of the two days to which many exponents of the worldwide technological community have already accepted an invitation to be speakers.To participate you are required to register by filling in the form available on our web site www.hdforumitalia.org where you will also find the event program.  

This event will celebrate HDFI’s 10th anniversary by offering two days filled with new ideas and insights. On the agenda: the restructuring of the Vatican media led by the Secretariat for Communication; the experience gained by the Vatican Television Center in the field of innovation; the presence of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) which will lead a specialist workshop on the emerging standards – that is HDR, WCG and HFR – that are the basis of the ever-growing progress in the field of Ultra HD TV production.

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